At Tungsten Noble, we treat contingency recruiting with thoroughness, professionalism and discretion.   We possess an unparalleled national network of candidates, along with rigorous market research and deep industry knowledge in order to find the best talent quickly.

We identify and evaluate prospective candidates who meet your precise hiring criteria. We thoroughly vet and pre-qualify every candidate for your consideration. We present top candidates to you through comprehensive profiles and we arrange interviews for each candidate you select.

But we don’t stop there. Our contingency recruiting professionals provide experienced, consultative assistance at every step of the way. We work closely with you and with the candidate throughout the interview, negotiation and on-boarding process. Then and only then, will we collect a fee for our services.

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“Tungsten Noble to us, means consultants who speak straight, deliver on promises, and are insanely passionate about everything they do.”

HR Director, UK Law Firm


We achieve excellence through collective effort and a willingness to share expertise